08 March 2014


Since I was basically in and out of the hospital(s) the entire last year / this year I have not travelled or taken photos which breaks my heart - my photos -  since becoming ill and discovering photography while living in Norway (2004 - 2006) are my love, my joy, my reason to get up in the morning ... 

Thus it has been rather frustrating for me, but I happen to be surrounded by people who love me very much, and knowing my obsessive love of flowers they kept me "fully stocked".

While talking to my very good friend who faithfully came over to my house twice a day to let out Charlie when I could not and then continued to do so since I have been in the lovely position of not being able to rouse me and upon arriving at  the hospital was told I had only hours before I would have died as my systems were shutting down ... 

Thus Gary wanted someone to check on me as he puts it 

"To make sure you are still breathing" 

which never ceases to amaze me since I have been a very huge pain lately - I am super pleased he is still valiantly trying to keep me alive! But she was being super nice since a phone call would do - we both know that, but she is wonderful company and one more reminder to me that there are many people who love me - surprising but true!

So we were talking the other day discussing my missing my photography and all that goes along with it and said, smiling: "Even I am getting sick of photographing flowers!"  And we laughed.

That night I realized that was not really true and even though I had not been posting them, the were all stunningly beautiful and when I was well enough to stand up - I made sure I documented my treasures.  

Sadly there are a few "holes" where I missed catching them in full bloom and wile going through the photos today - could have kicked myself for not just hobbling out there and taking a few shots.  

Now those beauties are in a landfill and will never grace my blog or my computer - and to me - that really is a loss ...

So I have been editing those I have received in the past few months - some of the most stunning I have received as of late - so an extra treat!

Gary brought these beauties home all closed so that I could watch / photograph them open.  

Sadly, My computer is acting hinky right now and I had copied them over before the keyboard decided to quit working (and yes - I have tried multiple keyboards).

My computer has not been the same since installing some legitamite piece of software and telling it that NO - I didn't want the Bing Toolbar installed and then it 


Am I bitter?  

I SO moved beyond bitter a month ago ,,,

But the flowers are pretty, yes?

Here are my Belated Valentines Day Tulips.  

Again - Gary brought these beauties home all closed so that I could watch / photograph them open - which I did, but missed the end when they wewe all open ... 

So sad ...

Almost all open ...

My wonderful Relief Society President dropped these off for no reason one day.  They are stunningly beautiful at any time of day, but I happened to be hobbling past them when the light was hitting them just right and was able to do them justice;

I have been playing with some painting Apps on my iPad since I am not able to sit for long.  

I have been taking advantage if all the Photo Apps I have amassed:

These were from a wonderful friend and I was feeling rather good when they were brighetining my home so I have a TON of photos.  Aren't they the most spectaculer mix you have ever seen?

And the reason this post was written:

Another wonderful friend would about weekly drop off flowers from her yard beautifully arranged in a vase.  

She is my Flower Fairy Guardian Angel and does a spectacular job of it!  

As I type this I am remembering all of the vases she has brought over that are on my computer and not here on my iPad.  

I will have to go find them and add them tonorrow when it is not past my bed time!

As I mentioned - this was the reason I started this.  I wanted to post photos of these beautiful Bluebonnet's and let her know that I took these photos today.  

When she dropped them off, she was leaving on a cruise and mentioned that she wouldn't be home to enjoy them so she was bringing them to me to enjoy - which I have.  

She arrived home from her cruise today so it was perfect and they still look beautiful!

I will post the rest soon.


Cherri said...

Yay! So glad you posted. I love that photo to painting app. You have such an eye for beauty. Are you feeling any better? Did they finally let you have medicine IN your pain pump so it could take away pain? Love you!

Vicki said...

So happy you are feeling good enough to post. Amazing!