04 September 2013

Russian Nesting Dolls ...

A while back I posted this on Facebook:

"Gary is St. Petersburg, Russia. He just called me to ask if I wanted him to bring me home a Russian Nesting Doll ...

Excuse me?


The man is a genius - but sometimes I just have to wonder about him ..."

*** end of Facebook post ***

Well - the guy does not need to be told twice (or verbally abused about it on Facebook - but that is neither here nor there ...) and came home bearing a gift - a bona fide Russian Nesting Doll - FROM RUSSIA!!!

If you read the previous post you know that in my 'Book of Life - the Rules ...' I live by the rule that when visiting a country - I may shop and bring home wondrous, beautiful (expensive) items BUT ONLY if they were made in that country - it means more to me that way - and it is a rule - thus I must obey ...

This is the reason I was so dumbfounded when Gary asked me that question, but since he doesn't have Rule number 5 addendum 'd' in his 'Book of Life' (apparently - he is not sharing and based on some of his more bizarre behaviors I just might not want to read his book anyway ...) he didn't understand the importance to me.

I set him straight pretty fast (and mocked him on Facebook - ALWAYS a plus) and threatened to stab him in the heart with a fork if he showed up home empty handed - or something like that - thus my new Russian Nesting Doll!

And she is exquisite:

All in all there are 10 dolls. It must be a rule or something because I have (*ahem*) a few other Russian Nesting Dolls - made in Russia but purchased in Norway - thus don't count ... and ALL - regardless of the starting size of the doll have 10 little beauties total.

I especially like that the wood is 'natural'.  This is not something that I had an option for in Norway - maybe they don't like the look - I don't know but I am glad she is a bit different - separated a bit from my 'fakers' ...

Here is some close ups of the detail on each:

Isn't the wee bitty baby just the cutest thing ever? Or is it me? I LOVE itty bitty things so it might be that - because it is clear that the biggest with all her wood burning and gold is clearly prettier - but is ginormous in the entire 'Russian Nesting Doll' scheme of things - thus I am not as enamoured with her as with the bitty baby ...

When Gary got home he noticed the  three beauties on the shelves in our Master Bedroom - in the photo below. The follow conversation (paraphrased) ensued:

Gary: You HAVE Russian Nesting Dolls!?! Why did you make me get one?

Me: Um - you KNOW my rule - all of my current Russian Nesting Dolls were purchased in Norway thus do not count.

Gary: Count for what?

Me: Nevermind. Just DON'T go upstairs.

Gary: Why?

Me: It's not important - forget I mentioned it.

Gary: Are there more Russian Nesting Dolls upstairs?

Me: OF COURSE. Deal with it.

Gary walks off shaking his head ...

The doll on the left in this photo was one I bought in a lovely little town called Kirkenes, Norway right on the Russian border in the Northernmost part of Norway. We were there for an evening to board the Hurtigruten - a cruise ship that was going to go from there down to Bergen - it was sort of a final HOORAY at the end of our stay in Norway and a indescribable DISASTER.

First - Kirkenes is very small - Gary called the evening we spent there "The week I spent in Kirkenes one evening"

Then we boarded the ship to watch it rain for the two some weeks we were on it minus one glorious half hour when the sun peeked through. Even the damn ball statue located at the Arctic Circle was missing the damn ball! I took photos of a half circle arc ... totally empty - total RIP!

 Did I mention we took the kids? As in Jessie - that girl of ours with the attention span of a gnat? Ooooh it was fun!

She is the only doll (I think) that I did not purchase in Bergen.  They said that every first Saturday of the month the Russians come over and a ginormous flea market ensues.  Sadly - the day we were there (even if it SEEMED like a week) was NOT the first Saturday of the month.  So she is my most 'Russian Faker' that I own - having purchased her less than a mile from Russia.

I actually LIKED Kirkenes. Not even knowing of the two weeks of hell to come - I happily shopped my brains out while Gary baby sat.

What's not to like?

The larger pretties upstairs:

When I set up and took the  photo below, Gary was strangely silent about it while I felt OH SO CLEVER.

Get it?

Get it?


Neither did Gary.

It's the NESTING! They match, they seem to be made for each other - seemed symbolic or something but apparently Gary didn't get it ... until later when apparently he had a nesting epiphany ...

I personally think it is cool ...

But that's just me ...

To say I was horribly jealous of Gary for being able to go to Russia is an understatement.  The poor man doesn't dare take too many photos and is generally ├╝ber busy. He has mentioned that he walks a fine line of me being disappointed that he didn't take enough photos to me being disappointed that he took a ton of photos and made me jealous.

He has erred on the side of too few since he realizes (somehow ... like maybe the fact that I told him to his face - many, many times) that if he takes a ton of photos I will stab him in the heart with a fork while he sleeps.

No pressure ...




And on to Gary's current crazy projects ...

Back in a jiff ...


Cherri said...

Loved to see you posting, and loved the picture of the stack of boxes with the stack of dolls. Classic!

Cherri said...

I found a youtube video that describes Gary perfectly.